Unself Service (2011)


Portraits of a generation of immigrants from Bangladesh who work in gas stations in Rome.

A generation of students, businessmen, traders and professionals, engineers and architects who have left their homeland to scrape a living.

During the night, this small lobby garrisons the petrol pumps and helps drivers in the supply of cars, earning a tip.

Kamrul Hasan, 19. Student of nuclear physics. He comes from Gazipur.

Anwan Hassan, 23. Student of islamistic studies. He comes from Tangail.

Faruk Taluer, 28 and Sayd Islam, 29.

Tareq Chowdhury, 39. Business man. He comes from Gazipur.

Habibur Rahaman, 27. Business man. He comes from Chittagong.

Taxidriver. He comes from Manikgonj.

Jahid Sarkar, 23. Architect. He comes from Dhakka.

Mohammad Masud Chowdhury, 36. Matematics.

Dulal Bhuiyan, 35. Business consultant. He comes from Tangail.

Miah Shamim, 39. Factory worker. He comes from Dhakka.

Khan Abid Hossain, 36. Mechanical engineer. He comes from Bhola.

Jahid Khan, 28. Student of nuclear physics. He comes from Gazipur.

Kamrul Sarkar, 34. Gas station attendant. He comes from Tangail.

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